GC 2


RESIDENTIAL                                                        COMMERCIAL                                                  INDUSTRIAL

• Houses                                                                           • Medical Centres                                                      • Factories
• Units                                                                              • Offices                                                                     • Portal Frames & sheds
• Town-houses                                                                  • Gyms
• Extensions
• Renovations
• Multi-story


Sanctuary Design & Construction is strongly committed to the local communities successfully delivering community based civil infrastructure projects and making generous contributions to a wide range of charitable organisations. These includes:
• Culvert system, an overland path flow and a bike track, utilizing ten construction workers (mainly local underprivileged youth) to carry out the assignment.
• Design of pipe network system for “THE PARK” at Silver Bridle Community Centre.
• Complete one stop shop design of a place of worship.
• design of a youth center and basketball court.


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